Investment Castings

Offer one of the most modern and the most accurate method for manufacturing Metal components has been mastered by India. India boasts of many units manufacturing Investment Castings and we are the best of them.

Material Range in Production:

We handle both Ferrous and Non ferrous materials. We can supply these castings in Carbon Steels, Low and High Alloy Steels, Stainless Steels, Tool Steels, Precipitation Hardening Steels, Copper and Alloys, Alluminium and Alloys, Nickel Alloys, Cobalt Alloys, Chromium Alloys etc conforming to various International Standards.

  • Weight Parameters : From few grams to 70 Kgs
  • Size Parameters : 600mm x 600mm x 600mm
  • Installed capacity : 300 Tones / annum
  • Testing Facilities and Practices : Mechanical, Chemical, NDT, Hardness, Hydro test, General Inspection, Micro Structure Test.
  • Intricate and complex shape & size can be easily Cast will freedom of design.
  • An excellent surface finish and high degree of "as Cast" dimensional accuracy can be obtained.
  • In general, components weight from 20 grams to 70 Kgs can be cast by this process
  • The process gives a product which is essentially a near net shape wherein machining is either totally eliminated or reduced to a minimum.
  • Accurate reproduction of fine details e.g. slots, holes and case lettering is achieved.
Markets we serve:
  • Oil- Petro chemical, Marine, Machined tools Industries
  • Valves Fitting & Strainers & Spares
  • Fire Fighting Equipments,
  • Automobile Parts
  • General Engineering